Introducing A creative model of Recovery
Transformational Health & Life Coaching

When you struggle
with Mental Health or addiction
Every day can be groundhog Day

Through Advocacy, Support & Accountability
Every day is a new day

A Creative Model Of Recovery!

Health & Life Coaching!

When you struggle
with Mental Health or Addiction,
every day can be Groundhog Day.

Through Advocacy, Support & Accountability,
every day is a New Day!

A Passion, A Purpose, A Vision

Master Wellness Coaching was created out of a desire to bring lasting health changes to all. 

Whether you are struggling or getting by okay, life coaching can bring a whole new light to your life. As a Master of the Transformational Coaching Method, I can help you discover what you have not yet found. 

Addiction and mental health recovery is a personal journey. Yet the greatest challenge of a lifetime. Does doubt cross your mind, does fear fill your heart, does being stuck hold you back? Have you tried "everything" or "nothing" and have the same results with both?

What if you found an advocate who brings choices to the table rather than expectations? What if someone trained in habit change, understanding of the compulsion, obsession, and insanity of the body and mind could create a shift that opened up your world? Imagine how incredible it will feel to replace ugly daemons with beautiful desires? Just imagine the relief and empowerment. Reach out to me for a conversation and feel for yourself if this is right for you.

Coaching is centered on rapport and trust. Nothing changes if you don't connect to the person you hope to get help from. When a relationship of trust emerges, then transformation is inevitable. Why? Because the fundamental values of love, safety, and belonging are at the root of every coaching conversation. Hope is secured through small shifts in thought and emotions. As each session builds upon the momentum of the last, the light of new choices replaces the darkness of old habits. It's so beautiful! Imagine a place where you ask for what you want and discover what stands in the way of getting it. AND have adapted the techniques that result in sustainable habit change and abundant health and happiness.  BOOM!


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17 sobriety

unprecedented support, connection & enjoyment
through any change or challenge.

unprecedented support, connection & enjoyment
through any change or challenge.

Mind, Body, Soul Connection

Disarming The Trauma Disease Connection

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A new look at Addiction & Recovery

Saying Yes to the Rest of Your Life

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Honoring Grief to find Harmony

Holding Space for Both Grief and Joy

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Manifest Prosperity & Vitality

Overcoming the Silent Crisis Ask & Receive Abundance 

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Disarming Anxiety & Depression

Confidence and Joy Become the New Norm

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Domestic Violence & Empowerment

Stopping the Cycle. Empowering a New One

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Sobriety is a powerful milestone
AND what's next?

Confidentiality Assured 

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